I cannot attend the match, and I would like to lend my subscription to another supporter


Below is the procedure for electronically transferring a season ticket to another person.

Two important notes before starting:

  1. To transfer an access pass, you must access our online ticketing platform https://ticketing.standard.be/ and log in using your phone number ("Sign in").

    ⚠ If you have never identified yourself with the club using your ID card, you will first need to go through the identification step where you will be asked to take a photo of the front/back of your card and a selfie.

  2. You can only transfer an access pass to a person if they are also registered with the club using their ID card. To learn more about how to register, click here.

The 'Give Your Seat' process step by step:


Step 1: Log in to your account:

Go to https://ticketing.standard.be/ > and click on "Sign in." Once logged in, go to "Your account." To learn more about how to log in, click here.


Step 2: Go to your season ticket:

Once on the account page, scroll down to season tickets. Then select yours by clicking on the icon in the bottom right to access the details of that season ticket.


Step 3: Select the relevant match:

Once on the details page of your subscription, scroll down to the relevant match, and click on "Give your ticket."

Step 4: Assign the new ticket:

To assign the new ticket generated to the person of your choice, enter their membership number or the email address associated with the ticket recipient in the "Enter User ID" space. If this person is already on your friends/family list, you can click on "Assign" and then select the person in question.


Step 5: Close the transaction:

Once the ticket is assigned, scroll down and click on "Summary" and complete the transaction. You can then download the e-ticket in PDF to send it. The generated e-ticket will also appear on the profile of the person in question if they log in (Sign in > Your account > Tickets).

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